Install a Home Office – The versatile, stylish and practical solution to suit your lifestyle

Whether you have the luxury of a dedicated office workspace, or need to double-up within another room, Bedrooms Plus can design and install fitted home office furniture to give you the best of both worlds. With more people shunning the daily commute and choosing the benefits of working from home, it's important to balance work, rest and play. With a tailored solution from Bedrooms Plus, we can help you to achieve just that. Every installation is made-to-measure and professionally fitted by experts.

  • Working from home

    For many people, working from home makes a lot of sense. No more traffic jams, no more exhaust fumes, and no more wear and tear on your car – or your nerves. Working from home can also be much more relaxing, enjoyable and productive, but to really make the most of it you need the right kind of environment for your type of work. Whether you are self-employed, or work for an enlightened employer, think about what would be best for you. Location, lighting, storage, seating etc. And, if you need some helpful suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Benefits of a Home Office

    You don't need to be working from home to benefit from installing your own Home Office. As more and more people of all ages make increasing use of the internet for browsing and communication, creating a home office may be the ideal location to keep your computer, as well as providing space and storage in which to keep all your household files conveniently organised. Whether it's in a separate room, sharing another – or even "under the stairs" Bedrooms Plus can design and build the ideal home office installation for you.

  • Style and design that's right for you

    As human beings, we all perform at our best in the environment that suits us. This makes the choosing of a Home Office installation all the more important, as it's an opportunity for you not only to choose styles and finishes to match your preferred decor, but also to have every component tailored to suit you and your way of working – aesthetically and ergonomically. Call us now on 01698 209888, or send us an email and we can discuss how best to create the home office that's right for you and your needs.